Legal Support Executive (Conveyancing)

Fiqah joined CA in April 2019 as Legal Support Executive (Conveyancing). She joined CA as part timer back to year 2018 for few months and continue her study afterwards. Once she completed her study and graduated from her Diploma in Business Management in UNISEL, she returned to CA again as CAtizen.

She is currently assisting the team leaders Ting Ting and Noelle, the lawyers Michelle and Farah, together with the teammates Chye En, Kaecy, Yati, Dila, Zulaika, Aina and Sharifah. Her main task currently is handling the documentations of Project Sales.

During her free time, she also enjoy her K-Dramas and food hunting with friend. This is always important for CAtizen to enjoy the life besides from working. And when being asked why she choose CA, she said:

CA makes me learn new things and I really enjoy the working environment.