Social distancing is important in this new normal now. The ways of communication no longer as luxurious as in the past, particularly the communication with our clients, protection is our first consideration.

Notwithstanding that the Government’s allowance of certain selected industries to start operation on 4th May 2020, CA is still restricting any physical meeting. There are so many communication tools that can be used for better communication, and physical meeting will be the last option in the new normal.

In the unlikely event that physical meeting is unavoidable, CA will request our visitors to fill in declaration form first. Business is important, but health comes first! Therefore, all appointments shall be made in advance and clear notes for guidance shall also be given in advance. Walk in clients will be denied from entry the premises even if they have sanitised the hands and temperature is less than 37.5 degree Celsius.








Pre-set the social distancing seating in our meeting rooms, and most importantly, clear instructions shall be provided to them before they come for the meeting. They must understand that, they are only allowed to move within the marked space. Sounds like a lot hassle for now, but it is all in the name of protecting everyone in long term.

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Important Note:

  • No handshake and no close distance discussion. It’s new normal, everyone will take it as a sign of “respect” instead.

  • Meeting rooms are the common areas, so CAtizens that used the meeting room shall disinfect the area themselves immediately afterwards. Make these rules and responsibilities as clear as possible.

What about a quick discussion or to pass something from one to another?









We have common areas for quick discussion as well. Social distancing is to protect everyone, not to trouble or limit the productivity. As long as everyone is in a safe distance, they shall carry out their work as usual.

Take Note:

You have more than one common area that include all the common work stations, including photocopy machine, pantry, toilets and etc that are required to be disinfected for every single time that you have used it.

Get ready the disinfectants and instruction at the common area, make disinfection as convenience as possible!









Limit the movement of the visitors in the marked space, also limit CAtizens movement in designated area only. There’s no necessary for all areas to be opened like before. Closed some sections that you think it won’t affect the work flow of your staff. Think about that, save your cleaner’s time in disinfect every area of your office, he or she can do better a disinfection for the limited areas.

This is how CA is doing when CAtizens or Visitors have a meeting in our office. Together, we stay stronger and keep fighting for the zero-spread of COVID-19!

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