Like the lock down that is taking place in the rest of the world, Malaysia has been experiencing our very own version of the Movement Control Order (MCO) since 18th March 2020 and thanks to the effort from Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM), the number of daily new cases has dropped to two digit recently and we have effectively flatten the curve in the spread of the COVID-19.

On 1st May 2020, the government declared a change to the MCO to the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) and selected industries are allowed to resume operation on 4th May 2020 with strict guidelines and SOPs.

In order to protect the CAtizens and our clients, CA has done all the necessary safety precautions before we reopen our CAstle for services.

First, of course we need to make sure the office is dust free, and the disinfection afterwards. There are so many disinfection products and services out there, and we decided to refer to the authority guidelines and use the recommended brand in our disinfection.

Here’s some considerations for the bosses:

  1. Your cleaner might need a job – after done the necessary assessment to ensure she is healthy enough to carry on the disinfection, let her serve accordingly.

  2. Enable your staff to contribute and pet involved in the process – staff who are not able to work from home, they can help to research on the recommended brand, services and safety steps to disinfect the workplace to even preparing the safety plan and the emergency responds programme.

After disinfection and make sure the workplace is safe to operate, time to think about the flow when the staff and visitors come into your business premises and break it down in details and steps.

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Important Notes:

  1. Before entering into office, sanitise the hands first to make sure the virus is stopped outside the premises.

  2. And visitors and staff members must wear a face mask in the proper manner, before they enter the premises. We are considerate, if someone has no face mask, we will provide one as well.

  3. Temperature checking to make sure everyone comes in is healthy. Once we detected temperature to be above 37.5 degree Celsius, they are not allowed to enter (**temperature checking should be 1cm-3cm distance).

  4. Once they are good to enter, we will get them to record their details and keep the records for 6 months as per the authority’s requirement.

  5. Mark the space accordingly, clear instruction and communication are very important for social distancing at this moment!

















What if there are more than one visitor entering the business premises at the same time?








It is not about having a perfect arrangement is, but how rather how detailed you are when you are doing the prevention planning and how you are enabling decision making for unforeseen circumstances as it arise.

Setting a waiting area, and limit the movement of visitors when they are at the waiting area. In this new normal, “short term limitation is important for long term freedom!”

Don’t be afraid in offending the visitors for too many rules and regulations, they will thank you for giving them the best protection. You know you are doing it with your best possible intention and your visitors will know too.









Take Note:

Front desk personnels are the first persons to contact with outsider (or some companies will be the security guard). Therefore, they need to have clear guidelines on how to “prevent” the virus from entering in the premises. Have a detailed briefing with them, but don’t forget to give them a simple and clear flow chart for their easy reference anytime.

It is the same to your visitors, never assume that they know what to do when visiting your premises, clear instruction must be given before they enter your premises.


This is how CA is doing when CAtizens or Visitors come in our office and we are ready to update these processes and rules from time to time taking into account practical feedback. Together, we stay stronger and keep fighting for the zero-spread of COVID-19!

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