“Acknowledging the differences within the workforce is a good start, while accepting it would be the leadership’s commitment to do something about it” – Chris Tan

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Are you the boss or HR of the company? Understand that every company will have multiple generation under a root. Well, what’s your experiences or observation?

Let’s see who you have in your organization today:

  1. Baby Boomers – should be the “eldest” generation in your company and they are loyal normally. They prefer face to face communication and they have “lot” of experiences and life stories.
  2. Gen X – those looking for work life balance, focus on results and efficiency. The communication tools are email or text. They can be independent and motivated.
  3. Gen Y or Millennial – those younger generation and seeking for flexible work arrangements. They are achievement oriented and yet they have high self-esteem. This group of people are good in internet. 
  4. Gen Z – the youngest generation in your company (or you may have nope). They are very good in social media and they seek for the meaning of work. When talk about technology, that’s their expertise. 

All employees working for you for good sake, and it’s all depends on how you manage the communication and get them to buy in.

Different communication approach might applicable for different group of people. Someone in your company need to have the skill and be the bridge. 

“One Size Does Not Fit All” but you can always get professional to advise you on the agreement or rewards you set for them. 

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