CAtizens on a mission to vote for a better Malaysia

9 May 2018, CAtizens are stayed united with our action and common front to cast our votes as responsible Malaysian on the polling day set for the 14 General Election of our beloved “Tanahairku”. CAtizens who turn up to the CAstle with the mark of the indelible ink on their finger are entitled to a day of Flexi Working Day courtesy of our firm in the name of democracy.

Client Appreciation Networking (CAN): IP Protection, Infringement & Enforcement

In accordance with the World IP Day on April, CA has conducted our CAN event with the topic IP Protection, Infringement and Enforcement. This is the create awareness to the public about importance of IP and how to protect your IP legally. The speakers in sharing this topic are our very own CAtizens who have experience in handling IP case – Chris, Jing Yi & Sean.

Client Appreciation Networking (CAN): Cryptocurrency, Block Chain, Technology & You

We understand that Cryptocurrency and Block Chain are the in-trend technology that eventually affects you and me in the global business today. Hence, CA invited Mr Chong Jin Yoong who is a regular trainer for the banking industry to share his insights with the friends of CA.

Raya BBQ with CAtizens Friends & Family

CA Raya open house just for CAtizens friends and family! We celebrated the Hari Raya Aidilfitri together with BBQ and pot luck at our very own Sky Garden. Of course, we have our usual birthday celebration for June and July babies in the house.

Managing CAtizens’ Emotions

CAtizens learned how to manage their own emotions while facing the diversity of clients every day. It’s important to be aware of our own emotions without bringing it back to the family after work. Special thanks for Clinical Psychologist Liang Yaw Wen and his team to enrich our CAtizens.

CA Manual, Hot from the Oven!

Everything should comes with a manual, including being a CAtizen in the CAstle. CA Manual that contains every useful information about the operation in the Castle to increase the efficiency of CAtizens for all. It is now our tool for orientation of new CAtizens and a refresher memo to the serving CAtizens.

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