chur-associates-wholesome-by-the-dozenNovember is a month of celebrations for all of us in the CAstle as we are completing a full cycle of 12 years on the 6th of November and marching strongly to the next. Going by our anniversary theme of “Wholesome by the Dozen”, we shall up the ante to continue to deliver values to our clients, supporters and fans alike. We have worked vigorously in setting up the context in our first cycle and we are ensuring the rightful content in our next cycle.

To kick start the celebration, CA will be closed from 6 November to 10 November as we are heading to Bangkok for our annual company trip. Check out the photos of the excited CAtizens during our recent briefing by CAtizen Clement and we shall be back fully recharged on the 11 November to serve you! Stay tuned for some awesome photos from the City of Angels that never sleep…

Book, book and book… That’s RIGHT!

CAtizen Chris is in a row now to catch up on his quest as an author. Here are the three social media handles for your tagging convenience:


OMG! Finally, someone has figured out that not everything comes with an instruction manual especially for a lifelong investment item like your house. Since strata is now a popular choice of real estate investment, Chris has tasked it upon himself to launch a “MUST-HAVE” Owner’s Manual and Guidebook for Strata Owner. Selling at RM19.90, it is a no-brainer to own one for your abundance enjoyment in strata living.

For the fact that you are still reading this, GO to NOW and enjoy the even more irresistible “Launching Special” of which you can order for the book at a massive discount now that even comes with a complimentary 2 day pass to PRISM – Malaysia’s Largest Property Investment Summit” taking place on 14-15 November 2015 at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center valued at RM299. Why PRISM? Because Chris will be launching “Strata OMG” in PRISM and you are in for the brand new presentation content making its world debut on the same day! We have a date on 14 November 2015! GO to NOW and be the very firsts to experience your very own “OMG” moment! That’s RIGHT!

And here is your promo code for even better discount: WHOLESOMEBYTHEDOZEN


Away from the legal profession and real estate, Chris is an entrepreneur at heart. This made him the perfect match to Freda Liu of BFM89.9 who has interviewed thousands of entrepreneurs, to jointly write a book on the romance of business Malaysia tracing it down to the root of SMEs and startups. Proving that business is way too emotional for its usual serious façade, Chris and Freda playing Romeo and Juliet respectively in order to “Shake and Spear” the common assumptions in business and entrepreneurship. This is the book for anyone who wish to venture beyond career and employment, or otherwise with interesting array of perspectives in the offering.

It will be unveiled to the world for the very first time on 12 December 2015 at the unique Skybridge of the VerveSuites KL South. To get an exclusive invitation and to keep track of this one of the kind book, “LIKE” Chris’ page on FaceBook NOW at More announcements soon…


Yes, you have heard this before and you know that BLT has a new meaning beyond the world of sandwiches! The very first announcement was made in July 2015 in Kuala Lumpur and subsequently August in Melaka. Chris is now part of the “Boy Band” known as BLT for Bank, Law and Tax; with Miichael Yeoh taking up Bank, Chris Tan taking up Law and Richard Oon taking up Tax. You can “LIKE” BLT on FaceBook NOW at to track BLT’s upcoming activities.

BLT is organising their very first “Property Outlook 2016 – The BLT Perspective” on 9 January 2016. It’s a whole day event where BLT will share their takes on property investment in 2016 and more importantly launching “Property Investment BLT”. The whole launching will be followed by the iProperty sponsored networking session till late of which BLT has managed to assemble a great line up of industrial experts and gurus for the lucky participants to get up close and personal with notwithstanding the chance to win a copy of the newly launched book.

We are also offering complimentary tickets (at RM99 per pax) for our most loyal supporters. Be the first 50 that write to Pancy at and you will get a ticket with absolutely no string attached. Of course, we hope you can share Chris’ joy on his 8th book in the new year of 2016.

YES, we CAN – Clients Appreciation Networking!

We figured that if you can all use the same legal firm, you must have shared the same values. That’s the basis that we starts our series of quarterly event know as CAN after the initial success of the first two.

  • CAN3 – We have Freda Liu of BFM89.9 in June sharing “Power of Your Voice”. Seriously, we cannot ask for a better person. Check out the photos here.
  • CAN4 – We have Khailee Ng of 500 Startups in September sharing “From Startups to Venture Capital and Everything in Between”. Khailee rocks as usual for the attentive entrepreneurs and startups. Check out the photos here.
  • CAN5 – “LIKE” us on FaceBook NOW to keep track of this very interesting CAN event, you might just get invited to the CAN5 in December ☺.

CAstle Tours!!!

We have moved into our CAstle for 2 years in this Q4 and we have always been proud to share our stories through a walk in the CAstle for interested groups. The most recent groups that we have hosted are the Alumnus of HUBS (Hull University Business School), Clients of Small Fish Consulting and MBA Students of EDS Business School.

So, if you have 2 hours and a group of at least 20, do contact Pancy at to fix a day for a tour. Your tour guide will be Chris Tan and we will buy you lunch at the end of it too ☺

When was the last time you checked us out here? Do check it out again as we have reformatted it with updates and interesting features. Do give us your feedback too in how to even make it better for you.

Also, we will be posting all our timely events at our FaceBook pages now instead of recording it in this communication. Do LIKE and FOLLOW US at or you can even LIKE or FOLLOW Chris at

Welcome On Board!

We take this opportunity to introduce new CATIZENS in:

  • Judy who is managing our frontline;
  • Pancy who is assisting Chris in the Business Development of CA; and
  • Queenie who will be joining our corporate practice group.

CAtizens would like to record our gratitude and well wishes to our “Graduates” in Amar, Tom, Pei Yin and Jackson. Keep spreading the good news of CA and flying the Green flag!