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Yes, our CAstle is a proud recipient of the 2014 Top 10 (My Favourite Interior Design) MFID, Office edition…
April 2015-1
You can read all about it in this special edition of the Coffee Table Book – page 88 onwards. Check out the photos here.


April 2015-2

[Privacy Matters… It’s Personal Data Protection]

If you are receiving this for the first time and just in case you have missed out our previous issue on this matter, please read our Personal Data Notice in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Your rights are clearly stated under Clause 7, READ it once and for all! Meanwhile, we are utmost pleased to assist you to stay in safe hands in and compliance with the already in force Personal Data Protection Act.

PubliCAtions, Facts, Info’s

The “GST” book that has been long awaited is now ready to usher you into the new GST Malaysia!

It was jointly launched by both co-authors, Chris Tan and Richard Oon at our CNY Open House on 27 Feb 2015 and at the Inaugural Prodigy Mastery seminar in Kota Kinabalu on 14 March.
Publicly, the first launch was by Richard and Chris respectively across the 2-Days Havoc Hartanah on 8 and 9 March 2015.
April 2015-4
Now the GST book is available at all bookstores Nationwide! Be sure to grab yourself a copy by 1st April… That’s right!!!

Alternatively, purchased can be also made via On-line, check out this link.

CAlebration & Play Time!

On 6 February, we have our CNY CAlebration and our BIRTHDAY OUTING at Toh Yuen Restaurant, HILTON PJ organized by CA’Nycol and her team member.

Thanks to CA’Nycol and her team for the Delicious CNY meal.

This year, all CAtizens were in particular excited about the diner because of the LUCKY DRAW prizes, that’s absolutely appealing! :) Grand prizes include Apple MINI I-pad; G-Shock Watch; Marc Jacob handbag and Beats Head-Phone to be given away… Awww!!!

Check out the photos here.

Right after our CNY break, on 27 February, we are honour to have our long supported clients for another round of CNY CAlebration. In conjunction with the celebration, there was also great sharing on BLT (Bank, Law, and Tax) by speakers like Miichael Yeoh; Chris Tan; and Richard Oon with a grand Lou Sang session all together at our home, the CAstle.

Check out the photos here.

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm

In the month of January, CA’Aina had chosen the “Cognitive Dissonance Model”, a simple model that can be used to realize our imperfection or fault. In the attempt to alter, we have to either do it through changes in our behaviour or attitude.

Follow by Rhythm in February, where we have the honor of CA’Amal sharing on “The Network Target Model”. This model can be used to structure your network contacts and divide them into groups. These would help to have a better understanding on your network profile and plan on how often that we should meet the different contacts.

In March, CA’Sharifah have shared on the benefits of drawing visual when giving speech as it attracts more attention from the audience; better focus on the subject matter and for better memoirs of the speech.

Next up in April, the baton is now passed to CA’Cathy for our subsequent collective learning.

LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! But this time it is “when you speak, we listen!”
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