ON 21ST JUNE 2013, CHUR ASSOCIATES celebrated the birth of our 6th pure breed Jedi, JACKSON YEE upon his completion of his 9 months pupilage under the Master Chris Tan and has been admitted to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya before Her Ladyship Dato Zaleha.


CA Celebration & Play Time!

We have come up with challenges for CA Dinner with new rules whereby our Talent Partner, Ting Ting was the first to take up the challenge and she has to play within the rules and it is simple…

  • Scenario A: IF the Organizer managed to secure half of the CAtizens to participate in the dinner then there is a stand-by fund of RM1,500.00 to be disposed off.
  • Scenario B: IF the Organizer failed to secure half of the CAtizens to participate then each CAtizen is only entitled to RM50.00 per pax who attends the dinner.


CA 32nd Intern ~ Sarah Foong

We are pleased to present to you, Chur Assosiates’s 32nd intern Sarah Foong.

Sarah has just joined Chur Associates in July as the 32nd intern of the company. A current Monash-ian undertaking a double degree in Law/Banking & Finance, she decided to join Chur Associates for a month whilst on her winter break.

‘What better way is there to spend my time but to be exposed to Malaysia’s practical aspect of property and corporate law under the guidance of an established firm? Further, what intrigued me about interning at Chur Associates is its noticeably less conventional approach in meeting the needs of clients and solving problems. Of course, having friendly CA’tizens to welcome you never hurt.

Other than being a full-time student, like many Malaysians, she is a major foodie, willing to travel that extra mile for a plate of good foods. Her other non-career related goals include mastering Mandarin, exploring the South East Asian region extensively and living in Iceland for a month at least before the conclusion of her twenties.

Chur Assosiates’s 33rd intern Vanessa Chin

Vanessa recently joined Chur Associates as our 32nd intern. She is currently pursuing a double degree (Commerce & Law) in the University of Sydney. She is in her 4th year of studies. At the moment, she is on her winter vacation and has decided to spend it through an internship stint with CA.

Early this year, Vanessa participated in a 6 month long exchange program in the United Kingdom (University of Manchester). During the exchange, she took the opportunity to travel around Europe. The countries she has visited include more touristy locations like Paris (France), Prague (Czech Republic) and Venice (Italy) and relatively less popular places like Thessaloniki (Greece) and Wadowice (Poland). Having studied in Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom, Vanessa is sure that she wants to return to Malaysia once she graduates.

“My internship with CA has really opened my eyes as to what the world has to offer. My colleagues in CA are creative and fun-filled yet maintain a high level of professionalism. A law firm that genuinely cares for their employees is not easy to come by. I am truly grateful to be a part of the CA’lture”.

Last but not least, we have our 34th intern Khadija and Chris’s latest PA, Pei Yin and the returning Padawan, now a Jedi, Jackson Yee! CA is GROWING!!!


You will hear more from them in our next issue…stay tuned.

CA Talent Time

In search for a new member of TEAM CATIZEN – ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE and CHAMBERING STUDENT, you must embrace our exciting work-hard, play-hard environment. We are small but highly ambitious legal firm with a strong client based relying on our motto “We Deliver”.

For interested candidates, please drop us your CV and email to: peiyin@staging.churassociates.com or for more information you can contact us directly at +603-7982 5618 (Ms Pei Yin).


But this time it is “when you speak, we listen!” – AskCA@Thursday, CAnswer@Tuesday and Myth Buster is here to clear your doubts !!!

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