5th MAY 2013 is an important date for every Malaysian to cast their precious vote especially for the first time voters in the 13th General Election. The voter turnout of this general election is at 84.84%, the highest voter turnout in the history of Malaysia.

The Election Commission (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya) has announced that the official result of the 13th General Election has been gazetted on 22nd of May 2013. As such, pursuant to Article 118 of the Federal Constitution and section 38 of the Election Offences Act 1954, any party who is not satisfied of the result may file an Election Petition in the High Court in their respective state within 21 days from the date of which the official result is gazetted.

Therefore, any party who is not satisfied with the official result of the 13th General Election may file an Election Petition starting from 23rd of May 2013. From the reaction of the popularly voted “Opposition” and Rakyat, the battle for a fair and clean election is no where near the end.

Dewan Rakyat Results

Dewan Undangan

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CA Celebration & Play Time!

It is our culture to celebrate Catizens’ birthdays in a FUN way by eating BIG and playing HARD. That’s RIGHT!!! This round we have a special Guest who steal the limelight of CA’s event…

Catizens’ birthdays 1
Catizens’ birthdays 2
Catizens’ birthdays 3
Catizens’ birthdays 4

CA Ice-Breaking Sessions ~ Where I am from

by Nycol Tan, our Legal Assistant presenting … SUNGAI BESAR (大港)!!!

Sungai Besar 1

Sungai Besar 2

Sungai Besar 3

LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! But this time it is “when you speak, we listen!” – AskCA@Thursday, CAnswer@Tuesday and Myth Buster is here to clear your doubts !!!

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