Mr. X moved into a new condominium in 2008. In 2011, Mr. X found water leaking from the unit above his condominium. Mr. X complained to the management but received no response on the leaking issue. Is it true that Mr. X will have to bear Repair Costs?


Instead Mr. X should inspect on the water leaking issue, to find out whether the leaking is caused by the defects of the building or by the condo unit above.

If the water leaking is caused by the defects of the building structure then the management will be responsible for repairing it. Consequently if the water leaking is caused by the unit above, then the neighbour will be responsible for the repairs.

It is advisable that Mr. X shall get the assistance of the Management to gain access to the unit above to have a carry out the inspection. Also, Mr. X may want to take photos of the leak, show the photos to the party who is responsible and speak to them.

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