“Chur Academy” continues…

For the month of December, CAtizens will be marching over to Bayou Lagoon Resort, Malacca taking on Coach Nick for our Planning Retreat 2012: to kick off 2013! Will unveil it all in 2013 if we survive the End of the World, that is!

We wish to inform that our office will be closed on 14 December 2012 for our Firm’s Internal Training Program.

We shall resume business on 17 December 2012.

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm…

During our status meeting, Chris shared his December Management Journal with the CA’tizens. We learned that things might not turned out the way we wanted it, nonetheless we have done the best, we should accept it as it is and continue to live! For the year 2013, we start a fresh and promise you nothing but OUR BEST!

CA Talent Time

For this month, we bid farewell to Elena and David, our two new “CAmbassador”, wishing you both all the best in your future plans and of course, you will always have a special place in CA! Continue and keep spreading the good news of CA!

A special welcome again, to our returning intern Sook Chen, who will be with us for a full month of December. You are our intern No. 30!

RECAP: 9 Legal Tips and Tricks in Spirit of our 9th Anniversary…

The 9 topics that we have covered:

  • 9 Legal Tips & Tricks for Smarter Divorce
  • 9 Legal Tips & Tricks for Technopreneur in Process of Building an Online Business
  • 9 Legal Tips & Tricks for Selling My First House in Malaysia
  • 9 Legal Tips & Tricks for Expats in Malaysia
  • 9 Legal Tips & Tricks for First Time Home Buyers – Subsequent Sale (after accepting the Offer)
  • 9 Legal Tips & Tricks when You are the Driver in a Road Accident
  • 9 Legal Tips & Tricks for Foreign Real Estate Investors in Malaysia
  • 9 Legal Tips & Tricks for Employees

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CA in the News

Branding and Franchise Malaysia

  • October and November Issue, Vol 8“您对特许经营的法律结构的认知有多少?”pg 58 – 61

Property Hunter Magazine

  • November and December Issue “The Role of A Lawyer in a Property Transaction – Legal Tips and Traps” pg 7-8

BFM: The Business Radio Station


For all those that have missed out on Chris’s sharing session with Inspire.FM “On The Move” Channel: MIG Drill, the podcast link are as below: