Happy Birthday CA!

CA kicks start our 9th Anniversary Celebration with a tribute video on the years we’ve shared and the fun and laughter we’ve had. It has been such a joy for us and we decided to put it in show for you.

The month of November 2012, marks the celebration of our 9th Anniversary since the establishment on 6 November 2003. Throughout the years, we have managed to prove and continue to believe the uniqueness of which CA carries and our added value “We Deliver” has establish a lasting legacy for Celebration.

It’s only just the beginning as we are looking forward to our PERFECT 10!

Our greatest thanks to all that have believed in us and the continuous support. THANK YOU!

Company Trip

Hitting Claud 9

We chose to celebrate this year in Hong Kong, Hitting C’Laud 9 @ the Happiest Place on Earth! Watch out as the CA’tizens set our foot one step further each year.

9 Legal Tips & Tricks

9 Legal Tips & Tricks

Join us in celebrating our nine years of CA with a series of 9 Legal Tips and Tricks just for this month of November in place of our signature AskCA@Thursday and CAnswer@Tuesday. A quick and easy way to get information on how to deal with situations the Legal Way! Stay tune on our Facebook Page every Tuesdays and Thursdays for useful legal information and share it with your friends!

Corporate Social Responsibility 2012

Raja Musa Forest Reserve 1

CA’tizens take up upon the challenge of “Tree Planting” at the Raja Musa Forest Reserve, a 1000ha peat swamp forest which is degraded due to illegal encroachment and in need of rehabilitation efforts.

Raja Musa Forest Reserve 2

Through mud, sweat and cheers, CA’tizens played a part in paying back to the greatness of Mother Nature. We believe that few decades down the road, when we revisit the site, we would take pride of what we had done, we would know that, it worth our efforts. A great sense of achievement for the CA’tizens!

If you feel inspired to be one of the planet saving heroes, feel free to visit this superhero recruitment agency: http://www.gecnet.info/.

Legal Clinics

CA’tizens played the role of as Doctors at the Legal Clinics in Sunway Convention Centre and Garden’s Ballroom.


CA’Doctors were on duty to serve and assist “patients” at the conventions. The CA’Doctors experienced dealing with patients first hand, and feeling the compassion for what it was like to be a “life saving” lawyer.

They were able to share and cultivate patients on the role of the lawyers during the processes of buying and selling real estate.

“Chur Academy” continues…

For the month of November, CAtizens take on Coach Nick at National Stadium Bukit Jalil and explored the methods of “Consultative Selling and Customer Service”:

Consultative Selling and Customer Service

In the words of Coach Nick:

“Once again, the Yellowshorts meet with the Green CAtizens of Chur Associates to once again impart knowledge and this time amongst sporting greats at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil. We have come a long way and this will be our last formal training & learning session before our strategic planning retreat in December.

This time around we covered the all important and encompassing Customer Service and Consultative Selling Skills, as legal professional and even the support staff behind them; Customer service is not only an integral part of the legal firm but completely and utterly indispensable in any organisation. As we spoke about that the Customer is NOT always right but the Customer will always be our TOP PRIORITY!

And as we address and attend to the needs of customers, we must also learn the art of consultative selling skills where we learned to ask the right kind of questions that will enable us to better serve and sell to our customers in the end and it will also generate a lot of meaningful information for you to work on in your daily work.”

Chur Associates already has a fantastic customer service culture and all it needs is the momentum to bring in more customer base!”

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm…

During our status meeting, CA’tizens shared an article on “What I’ve Learnt” and the discussion went around the table on the experiences they have learnt for the year 2012. CA’tizens concluded the sharing with; “Learning is an important process in CA for reaching ones full potential, it is not about trying new things or doing what we do differently each day, but it is about challenging ourselves further for every upcoming day ahead.

CA Talent Time

If YOU can select your BOSS, who would you WORK FOR? We put FORWARD OUR BEST CANDIDATE: CHRIS TAN!

In search for a new member of TEAM CATIZEN, you must embrace our exciting work-hard, play-hard environment. We are small but highly ambitious legal firm with a strong client based relying on our motto “We Deliver”.

We Promise YOU nothing but HARDWORK! Because we work together to get what YOU want…Be the Business Development Apprentice/ PA to Chris Tan!

Dare to take the challenge??..

We have also created a Facebook Page, which contains daily updates on EVERYTHING ABOUT THE POSITION! Share, Comment and Nominate a candidate to us!

For interested candidates, please drop us your CV and email to: elena@staging.churassociates.com or for more information you can contact us directly at +603-7982 5618 (Elena).

CA in the News

Nan Yang Newspaper

Branding and Franchise Malaysia 品牌和连锁 (月刊)

  • October and November Issue, Vol 8 “您对特许经营的法律结构的认知有多少?”pg 32- 35

The Real Estate Magazine

  • October Issue “Legal Column: 跨境买房 认知最关键” pg 7 – 8 and “王牌对王牌:买房请律师: 不只是过收费站” pg 42 – 46

Home Finder Magazine

  • September and October Issue “Buying A Pre-Owned Property” pg 60-61


For all those that have missed out on Chris’s sharing session with Inspire.FM “On The Move” Channel, the podcast link are as below: