How many times have you heard or encountered this scenario? The other party will sometimes convince you to use the same set of lawyers to ‘smoothen’ and quicken the transaction.


A lawyer CANNNOT legally represent both the vendor and purchaser in a single transaction. ‘Sharing’ lawyers may actually mean that the other party is represented, leaving you UNREPRESENTED and totally at their mercy. In the event of a dispute, know that you risk getting caught whereby the terms of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) might be at your total disadvantage as the “common lawyers” need to take a side.

Think about it, if you are making a handsome profit, why go for a cheaper option when you should be protecting your interest and locking your profit with the best lawyers that you can afford? This practice might be prevalent in Malaysia, but when a problem arises, the few thousand ringgit ‘saved’ will come back to haunt you. Penny wise, Pound foolish? As a smart investor, you’re definitely wiser than that.