“Chur Academy” continues…

Here’s a notice for another round of upgrading…

We wish to inform that our office will be closed on 15 June 2012 for our Firm’s Internal Training Program.

We shall resume business on 18 June 2012.

Catizens take on Coach Nick “one-on-one” in May.

In the words of Coach Nick:

“The key to continuous personal development is constant 2-way feedback, between you and the coach plus ALSO with yourself. After all that has been covered in the past 3 session we have had together as a team, its important for all of us to consolidate all that new knowledge into something we can apply and implement in our lives. We recently just finished the first of many coaching sessions that I have pledged to CAtizens, I have to impressed on the fact that all that has been discussed has been very encouraging and I am immensely happy that you have took the effort to apply the Wholebrain model to your personal and professional lives.

Always Remember: Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

We must always strive to increase our openness to anything that can improve and better your lives.

To those who have shared very personal insights into how our training has impacted you, I thank you for your courage and trust in me.

I am very proud of everyone in CA, for your honesty and friendship. Every day that I get to work with you is truly a joy.”

Rhythm Meeting

For the month of June, CAtizens discussed and shared a short session from two titles: A touching story about how “Apple earned a new customer for life” and “Zappos sends you flowers”. We read it from the perspective of the effect of “Out of this World” customer service on the team of the service providers and concluded that everyone love to associate with winners!

Spreading our wings to the land below the wind…

Our effort in forming strategic alliance overseas is in motion again and this time crossing the South China to our brothers and sisters in Sabah – Malakun & Liau. This alliance allows our clients better access to the booming economy of Sabah.

In the words of Malakun & Liau:

“Messrs Malakun & Liau is an emerging legal firm in Sabah whom are regularly acting for sure of the biggest Property Developers and public agencies in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for conveyancing and corporate matters. The practicing partners, Mr. Alexander Hugo Malakn and Mr. Liau Kee Siong, are supported by a dedicated team with the experience and dept of knowledge essential in today’s demanding corporate and commercial environment. They are commited to be open and approachable to their clients as well as delivering a high standard of legal services from its office at 1st Floor, Block M, Lot 6 & 7, Donggongon New Township, 89500 Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia. Messrs Malakun & Liau is honoured with its affiliation with Chur Associates and delighted to learn and share with Chur Associates so as to provide clients with better legal services as well as to forge a long lasting friendship with the best boutique legal practice in Malaysia, led by Mr. Chris Tan Chur Pim.”

CA Talentime

We welcome our two new legal assistants: Noelle Khoh and David Chong, both of which are both hybriding among TEAM KNOWLEDGE, TEAM SERVICE and TEAM TALENT.


We also have Azilah, our new Legal Support Executive assisting TEAM TALENT.


Myth Buster!

Myth Buster

This is what happened when you don’t askCA@Thursday and we have no CAnswer@Tuesday, we have decided to bust some myths instead! That’s RIGHT!

There are facts and there are assumptions, we are here to tell you the differences on our FaceBook page. We have done two already, check it out if you have not.

CA in the News

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For all those that have missed out on Chris’s sharing session on “Pimp my Biz” with Joshua Rayan and Yusuff Yaakob, please find the recorded podcast here.