“Chur Academy” continues…

On 13 April 2012 at the Bukit Gita Bayu, Multi Purpose Hall…


Our Chapter 3 under Coach Nicholas Chan in “Learning Communications and Conflict Management”, Catizens learnt how to handle conflict in a respectful and positive way. This session taught us to understand conflict as an opportunity for growth. As two people cannot be expected to agree on a particular issue every time, we learnt to face conflicts and disagreements with confidence and the different means to strengthen our team during conflicts.

In this session, we were encouraged to appreciate the five different conflicts and which would apply effectively in different situations or as according to our individual personalities:

  • Competing
  • Collaborate
  • Compromise
  • Avoiding
  • Accommodate

Remember, a conflict is not a competition, there is no need for a winner at the end of the day.


In the words of Coach Nick:

As we come to the close of another fantastic session of learning & development together with the ever sporting CAtizens.

This time we covered a very significant session about conflict and its methods of resolution and acceptance based on your wholebrain profile. We must realise in order for us to function as human beings, conflict must exist and its all part of our lives when there is any chance of clash of opinions, and you realise that it is the same in the environment of Chur Associates.

In order for us to work in harmony, we need to accept everyone’s strength and weaknesses, through this understanding we can start to bridge the gap and prevent BAD and destructive conflict from arising in the organisation. Conflict when harnessed and channeled properly, can be used for personal & organisational benefits; good conflict can come in the form of productive controlled meetings, discussions, debates and brainstorming session, intense teamwork also bring out conflict in the form of stress management and building closer links with each other if the conflict flashpoint is resolved.

As I have shared during the session, all those who are looking for the elusive concept of work-life balance; understanding, embracing and applying your wholebrain personality profile will allow you to manage the conflict by knowing how to deal with the various people in your personal and professional lives; thus creating a work-life balance by taking away the stress of dealing with what seemed to be difficult people.

I look forward to our next session and have a productive month of May ahead. I will see everyone on the 18th of May for the coaching session; please don’t hesistate to come see me while I am based in your HQ.


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We welcome our new legal assistant; Nycol Tan joining TEAM KNOWLEDGE. Aside from Nycol, we are also welcoming our No. 27 Intern Annabelle Yap from Bond University. Annabelle will be with us for 3 weeks.


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