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AskCA@Thursday gives all of our CA fans the opportunity to post their questions every Thursday on CA’s Facebook page on any topic of their choice. CAnswer@Tuesday will posts answers to the first 3 questions posted on our Facebook page. Ask us ANYTHING – as long as it is not offensive and answers will be made to the public on the following Tuesday.

READY! GO!… ACT FAST!… because we are starting our first askCA@Thursday on 15th March 2012.


The CA Academy caters to develop and also to provide opportunities for Catizens to gain further knowledge of legal and non-legal information. The Academy includes our session with our Coach of the Year, Nick, Monday@5 and our sharing session before our monthly Rhythm Meeting.

1. 8 March 2012: In the Nick of time……

“It was really a great experience to be among all the Catizens at Taman Botani in Putrajaya, I must say that I am immensely proud of everyone who gave their best and all to the activities. With that said, I must stress to everyone that there is still room for improvement in the working dynamics which is separate from personal interactions (e.g. Drinking or makan sessions with colleagues), be mindful of your strengths and weaknesses and have the will to make decision where you need to hold back any comments or behaviors that might bring about any form of uncertainty or conflict between you and your colleagues. Everyone has a part to play in a team, whether you are the consummate planner or the team cheerleader, all are equally important and crucial for the success of the team and ultimately, Chur Associates as an organization. Embrace the diversity!

In the next session, we will be looking at another realm of diversity where we will look at our individual personality preferences and this will allow you to increase your awareness of your own personality and also the personality styles of your colleagues. Keep an open mind and heart and I will see everyone soon!” by Nicholas Chan.

We wish to inform that our office will be closed on 16 March 2012 for our Firm’s Internal Training Program. We shall resume business on 19 March 2012.

2. Monday@5

Monday@5 is an activity organized amongst CA’tizens every Monday that have started end of last year. For this activity CA’tizens alternate amongst each other and carries out a presentation on an area of the law. The idea behind Monday@5 is to understand and share related legal cases that CA’tizens may/may not have come across during their work. This sharing session has been very beneficial as it not only broaden CA’s knowledge on different fields of the law but it also saves time when a case is being put forward.

5 March 2012 – Our Dutch Intern, Sven Jansen carried out a presentation on the “Voluntary Winding Up” for a company. That’s Right!

3. Rhythm Meeting

6 March 2012 – For the month of March, CA’tizens shared a short session on the importance of giving and taking instructions from an article by Dustin Wax.

CA Talentime

CAtizens welcome our two new INTERNS No. 25 and No. 26 – Welcome on board; Jackie Pat Yun Kit and Pat Wei Ying, both beginning their curb of learning with CA.


CA in the News

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BFM 89.9: Don’t miss out on all the undercover adventure with me, Chris Tan on BFM 89.9, Wednesday at 1pm. A lunch break you will not regret…..