Happy New Year! 2012 has finally arrived.

“Forgive” what you have not done and what didn’t take place or even what could have been done better. Never ever feel sorry and move on…

Beating yourself up only made you weaker bur never made life any easier (or any harder).

You can always start again or continue from where you have left behind and committed to COMPLETE what you so desired.

Here’s a thought, your new year resolution could be a list of things that you wish to stop doing; that will immediately allows you to allocate better resources to fulfil the real commitments that you heart wanted.

There could be thousands of reasons to explain the way things are at the moment but the truth is that the world does not need another one and; more importantly YOU don’t need another reason. It’s strange to think that you will be better off just because you can explain. The fact remains that you have not change anything no matter how well you can explain why not.

For that, I choose not to apologise for not writing of any ‘DO’ for the entire Q4 of 2011. I am committed to resume this journey of sharing in the wake of 2012 and moving forward. That’s RIGHT!

Enter the Dragon!


Gong Xi Fa CA’i to all that celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Water Dragon (Green of CA!).

May you be as “KICKASS” as the Legendary Bruce Lee in taking on any challenges before you!

Chur Associates® will be closed from 23 January 2012 as will be returning as lively as the Dragons to serve you with our signature services on 30 January 2012.

CAtizens work HARD and play HARD! That’s RIGHT!

CA Talentime

Since Q4 2011 to dates, CA welcomes:

  • Chye En and Ting Ting returning from their maternity break, Congratulation to both your lovely baby boys!
  • Elena, a returning talent from UK to assist me and from February onward taking on the new role as my entrepreneurial apprentice that develop business for CA and take charge of “CA’SM” – Chur Associates® Sustainable Marketing!
  • Dylan, our intern No. 23 to date, our first from New South Wales all the way from the University of Wollongong. He has since moved on as a ‘CAmbassador’ and now serving in one the spiritual ashrams in India before returning down under to his Aussie roots.
  • Hanim has been a welcomed addition to Team Knowledge, watch for this quiet achiever moving the rank at the guidance of Ee Zheng.
  • Sook Chen is sampling working life in CA prior to her STPM result in March and learning her trade in Team Talent under the guidance of Ting Ting.
  • We have Azmil joining Team Value this month to ensure our physical delivery remains smooth as silk to compliment our signature services.

For every arrival, there are departures. Mastura, Sabrina and Najmi have all moved on from CA. May you be the best you want to be! Good Luck, Graduates!

CA in the News

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  • 17 October 2011 – My first appearance in the Journal on a government that actively promotes its real estate market along with its very liberal transaction policies.

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China Press

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Personal Money

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  • October Issue “Is your case worth taking to court?” pg 45 – 47

企迹 Magazine by HaHa Media


  • Calling all aspiring listeners!.. Tune in with me Chris Tan on Durian Fm.com every Thursday from 11 am to 1 pm as I update on the latest current happenings. Durian! Mari! Durian Mari!