16th April (Sat) 2011 / 2pm-3pm / MPH Gurney Plaza, Penang

Green Sugar Merchant Penang 1

‘Turning GREEN’ is designed with a Box to cover the book proper. The motion of removing the Box cover from the book is an action that reminds you to be ‘Out of the Box’ before you can have FUN with the book. This is not your ordinary book! The Box design seeks to reinforce the fact that YOU are the ONE that gave strength to the boundary of the comfort zone that trapped you within. The Box is strong when the book (YOU) is in it completely and supporting it as well as keeping its shape. The moment the book (YOU) is moving outward, the Box becomes weaker and out of shape as you move out of the Box. You are therefore the master of your own destiny; the size of your comfort zone is entirely up to YOU! So we will see you in Penang to tell you why “Turning GREEN” is simply out of this WORLD!

Green Sugar Merchant Penang 2