Waka waka~

It’s the 1st time that the World Cup being staged in great continent of Africa and naturally there is a lot of 1st times in this one:

Spain is the 1st time winner (congratulation to the well-deserved winner) setting the trend out of the usual suspects;

For the 1st time ever both the previous finalists are out of the World Cup in the preliminary rounds;

And more importantly, for the 1st time ever that we will remember a World Cup not by a game defining player having the world in his feet (Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka and Rooney are all too disappointing) but an eight-legged fellow called Paul, the 100%-prediction Octopus!

To many, it is not quite fair for a British born German resident deep sea creature to steal the limelight from what a well-organized World Cup in South Africa. While the curtain has drawn to a close as our life getting back to normal, the buzzing sounds of the Vuvuzela will forever live in our mind to the true spirit of “Ubuntu”.

This World Cup also proves that the Football is a TEAM game after all and embracing the young seems to be the way forward rather than relying on the individual Football Superstar. Generally, the footballing gap is closing as we drawn glimpse of hope from the minors of New Zealand and North Korea.

For me, it will forever be remembered as my 1st time as a Radio Football Pundit on air and in Mandarin… I strongly believe this will not be my last! It was FUN! Thanks for the memory 988.com.my, DJ Xiao Ma and Master Pundit Shu Wei!

Being the 1st

Winner takes it all as they said and it has proven that no one ever remembers No. 2. Ask the Dutch (the unprecedented hat tricks winner of World Cup Runner-Up) and they will take forever to convince you that playing “Total Football” at all cause is more important than winning (although we are more likely to argue that they played “Total Rugby” in the final in Johannesburg).

Yet the encouraging scene is that the Orange Nation gave a warm welcome to their heroes that finished as runner-up. I guess the real issue is that being in the final is an achievement and obviously a cause of celebration! Similarly, the Uruguayans are celebrating the Semi Final achievement.

As I always said my favourite war cry of all time is that “we try harder because we are No. 2”, there are plenty of rooms for imagination for CA as we are still far from No.1 . Take a wild guess as to how hard we try? And we will celebrate the hardest as we move along!

Probably the 1st

…. legal practice in Malaysia that has a self-imposed and self-declared service standard, we passionately called it our CA 6natureTM. We now deliver to you:

CA 6nature 3 – Next Business Day’s Response

Timely responses are important. As such, we make sure we reply to all client’s correspondence by the next business day before 5:55 (exclusive of Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday and CA Designated Holiday). We make sure we stay on top of your files all the time.

Our very 1st

… returning CAtizen (taken a detour to the AG Department in between), Nadia Yazid (“Van Orange” for the team she supports) is now our Junior Partner for Knowledge.


Nadia graduated in law from International Islamic University of Malaysia. She read in chambers at Messrs Azmi & Associates where she was first introduced to the corporate legal field and gained valuable experience especially in Corporate Advisory and Mergers and Acquisitions. Thereafter, she joined Chur Associates as a legal assistant.

She joined the Attorney General’s Chambers as a Federal Counsel for a brief period last year but came back to Chur Associates to continue her exposure in Corporate Matters.

Nadia has now been admitted as a partner of the Firm, and continues to develop her portfolio in Corporate law.

Designated as a Partner for Knowledge, Nadia is responsible for every in-flow and out-flow of knowledge within the Firm. Specifically, to ensure CA is equip with the relevant expertise and knowledge to handle the clients engagement. Nadia also ensures the preservation and sharing of knowledge within the Firm with useful precedent management system and easy retrieval of clients’ details. She is also in charge of maintaining the training requirement of CA.

CA 1st team

… is inching back to full strength with the return Chye En (now), Yati (August) and Ryan (September). With Padawan Rachel been granted leave to attend court and our latest intern Maximillian Roecker from Bond University (He is CA Intern No. 19!) in August, CA is now at its most formidable!

CA in the news

Last Word

Being the 1st does not guarantee success; you must be persistent and last for the entire journey! Having a head start is only as good as the Hare, better late than never is what drive the Tortoise to the finishing line!

My sincere apology for my delay in this edition, slowly but SURELY!