HOT from the CA Inbox!!!

Just as I am writing this edition of Delivery Otherwise, this email comes into my inbox:

“…Thanks for a job well done. Nadia has been most patient with our numerous layman questions re the legal terms! ..” (in verbatim)

This is actually a reply to an email from CA Accounts to forward our Bill of Charges; what a feeling! Don’t you wish to have this type of response for every time you do a billing…

Well done, CAtizens! Well done, Nadia! This is part of our Brand Charter: We take ownership! Patient is always a great virtue!

CA Talentime

Good bye Leon! He is charting his own path as he is tying the knot this year on the auspicious “101010”. CA wishes Leon all the best and we promised him a great “Fare Well” on his last day as a Partner of CA on 2 April 2010.

As the end is the beginning of another, we have an exciting announcement on 5 April 2010 for YOU! Watch out for it!

Our quest for a junior conveyancing lawyer is completed as we have one re-enforcement coming in on May 2010. We will feature her in May!

Notwithstanding, the CA Talent Quest is on-going and relentless, please tell the WORLD that we are looking for talented CAtizens potential with the right ATTITUDE for the followings:

  1. Paralegal/ Clerk – Conveyancing/ Corporate;
  2. Accounts/ Admin Assistant; and
  3. A super important front-liner to handle our reception!

Knowledge is Good; Experience is Better BUT right ATTITUDE and WILLINGNESS TO LEARN are the objectives of the CA Talent Quest!

CA Ambassadorial Internship Programme

15 interns in the 6 years plus of CA; this is legendary! Melanie is contacting these ex-interns (now officially our “CA Ambassadors”) to find out what they are doing and they will be sharing with you the unique CA experience soon!

By the way, our 16th intern from the Bond University will be joining us in April! Keep watching… as CA believe in spreading the seeds early!

Love is in the Air….

Jeff, who is responsible for everything IT and everything Online for CA, is celebrating his union with the ever-so-lovely Fion with a great wedding dinner this weekend. The CAtizens take this opportunity to wish Jeff and Fion happily ever after…

CApe Town Adventure

I was in the African Continent for the first time last week touching the most southern tip of the Cape of Good Hope in the great city of Cape Town at the foot of the magnificent Table Mountain. The World Cup Fever is heating up; the fresh Lobster is especially inviting and all done in the great spirit of Nelson Mandela lingering from the Robben Island not far away.

It certainly felt like home with the sizeable Cape Malays community that can traced their origin to the Malay in South East Asia.

CA in the news

Last Word

A mistake is only a mistake if it is done twice!

Lesson? You better LEARN!