The Last of 2009

Usually near the end of the year, things becomes less hectic, as less works are pouring in and business activities, locally and abroad, slows down in anticipation of the major holidays.

I was in fact in Brussels to attend the FIABCI December Meeting and chaired the Young Members Committee Meeting for the very first time in person. Great experience in beautiful city in rain (almost every day)! To find out more about what we do in the FIABCI Young Members, you can track us at I will soon post our latest report and photos for the timely update!

Got our New Year Card?

That’s our way to reflect how some of us may feel about our journey for the past decade. If you recall the New Year’s Eve for year 2000, the new millennium was greeted with much heightened anticipation (and fear of Y2K virus). All that have passed with us having to face numerous challenges and overcoming all of them, whether successfully or not. And then again, everything just seems ordinary, maybe you’re still plagued with the same problem or not able to achieve those numerous goals you’ve set yourself, year after year (needless to mention I’m talking about our New Year resolutions).

Well, we from Chur Associates®, would like to say this; “the Best is yet to come.” So don’t give up on your old resolutions, and keep it going. Because you’ll never know what the future has in store for you.

Let’s toast to a year well lived and another exciting year in store!

… Back to the Future

As we all know that everyone else in the world will be counting down to usher in the new year of 2010, We in CA have a countdown of our own.

In spite of all challenges that we have faced this year, CA has grown better, faster and stronger. Check out the highlights of CA in 2009… Here we go…

8… Internationally affiliated in 8 major cities in the region

– Auckland, Beijing, Colombo, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Singapore and of course our home base of Kuala Lumpur. We are targeting to add another 2 cities to the network to make it 10 this year – Vientiane and Gold Coast are both on the CA radar now.

7… 7 foreign interns to date ever since our first two only just in April 2008

– May we pronounce these CA graduates and now officially or CA-mbassadors – Joseph Ross, Claudia Baptista and Mark Wires (all of Canada); Marian Pond, David Davies and Alyce Corbutt (all of Australia) and of course Marjolein Tepper from the Netherlands!

6… CA 6nature

– as in our “CA Signature”, these 6 features is now our revolutionary service standard to be revealed one by one in 2010.

5… The Most Exclusive CA Hi5er Club

– The 1st on-line information-sharing community hosted by a law firm in the World!

4… 4 April 2009 Our “Marketing Day” of the Year!

CA is the first law firm to be invited into highly anticipated The EDGE Investment Forum on Real Estate held annually.

3… CA Web in now its 3rd Version

– this is improving all the time and a work in progress! CA is now HOT in the online social networking media having great following in Face Book, YouTube and Twitter.

2… The first 2 pupils of CA is called to the Bar

– Congratulation Calvin and Josephine!

1… Our very 1st Company Trip – Pirates of the CA–ribbean

– The CAtizen family has grown and our first ever overseas company trip, on a cruise ship!

… WELCOME TO 2010… It’s gonna be AWESOME!

CA in the news

Last Word

Life is a “Count Down” when it started… The beauty is that we don’t know when it stops… Meanwhile, your task is to make sure it is going UP all the time!

Enjoy the process!