The Invasion of the Pirates of the CA-ribbean

Ahoy, there matey!

As announced in our previous Delivery Otherwise, your CA crew took on the sea onboard the cruise, SuperStar Libra. The trip lasted for four days and three nights, as the vessel cruised from Port Klang to Pulau Langkawi, followed by Singapore and then back to Port Klang. We’re glad to say that all of us did enjoy ourselves.

Upon stepping onto the deck, we found ourselves surrounded by an array of high-class bars, restaurants, pools, Jacuzzi and round-the-clock entertainment. It’s simply dazzling!

SuperStar Libra

On one particular night, all of us went onto the top deck. As we lied comfortably under the starry sky, we chatted away. It was one of the rare moments where we cease to distinguish each other according to our ranks and jobs. What we saw instead were equal friends, each having played their unique part throughout these six years. All were lying on the same deck before the enormous heights of the heavens.

The next morning, the cruise docked at Pulau Langkawi. We traveled on cable cars to the highest peak of the island, Gunung Mat Chinchang. Rising above the blanket of tropical canopies, amidst the clouds, we managed to catch a breathtaking view of the island below. At that height it is humbling to witness majesty of Langkawi’s beauty. And that perhaps is what heaven is made of, humility even at great heights.

SuperStar Libra 2

So even we are the top 10 percentile of businesses which managed to survive past their first 5 years, we remain humble and committed to serving our clients to achieve greater heights. That is what 6Nature about, improving on our delivery of services to you.

In pursuant of our first element of 6Nature (CA 6Nature 1 – Minutes Delivery), we came up with the new forms for recording of minutes of our meetings with you. Click here to check it out!

CA in the news

CA Recruitment

Aaron Kwok (note: not the Hong Kong superstar), a Mass Communication student from Taylor’s University College, has recently joined us as an intern from 24th November until 12th December. He is tasked with improving CA media communication including this website. Upon finishing his internship, he’ll be leaving to further his studies at the University of South Australia. In advance, we would like to wish all the best in his endeavors.

Adding to our superstar look-alike, we’re also expecting Melanie Echterhoff, our new AIESEC intern from Germany. A sociology student from University of Belefield, Germany, she’ll be working with us for 3 months.

Meanwhile, we are also looking for a junior conveyancing lawyer and offering chambering position. Write in if you are a CAtizen credential!

Last Word

While you get engaged with the future, don’t forget to live in the present!