CA 6Nature NOW!

Hey, it’s the sixth of November, six years of CA, six years of delivery!

In conjunction with our anniversary, we present to you 6Nature as our gift to you for trusting us for the good six years. 6Nature is our identity and represents what you can expect and identify in our services.

If you have read our previous Delivery Otherwise on our spoilers, now take a look at the real thing, uncut and uncensored.

CA 6Nature Uniform in style!


Yes, we are different. Yes, we are bolder. Why? Because we can! With these new striking uniforms, we have bolstered our identity and you can surely identify a CAtizen when you see one next time.

CA New Look Website


People love new and better things in life. In CA, we know exactly this and therefore, we present to you, the CA new look website which is simpler, neater and with more contents.

After Break, Ready to Serve


Remember that we have to take a break previously to undergo training previously? CAtizen has graduated with flying colours and are ready to serve you, the 6Nature way.

CA Coach in Action!


“Perception is Everything” – This is the first thing that we learn from the CA Coach – Guy Robertson.

By putting these words of wisdom into use, we know that service must not only be done, it must be seen to be done. That is just a small part of what CAtizen learned. Want to know more? Come and experience CA yourself.

We are back from the Star


That was the place that we have undergone our training. And now we are ready to implement the 6Nature and ready to DELIVER here, right now.

CAptivating High Sea


To honour all CAtizens for their 6 years of delivery, CA is going on a cruise. Therefore, we sincerely apologize to all inconvenience caused during the period that we are closed for business. (19 November 2009 to 20 November 2009). We will share our photos and videos in our new-look site and Facebook.

What is CA 6Nature

CA 6Nature is close to the heart of CA. There are 6 elements to 6Nature. Do check out our new-look website to know more about the 6 elements. We will be unveiling and implementing the subsequent “6Nature”s on the 6th of every month starting from today. Over the next year, it is our hope that when we speak of 6Nature, you recall the excellence of our services. At the end of the day, as lawyers, our profession has not been about us, but YOU and that is our 6Nature. Can’t wait to know what is our 1st 6Nature? Click here now!!

CA Recruitment

CA Intern – Daniel Bong, a friend and LAWASIA Moot Competition teammate of Chiew Ee who was our previous intern, is now joining us as of October 2009. He’ll be taking over from Velene and we wish all the best in representing Malaysia for the International Moot Competition in Ho Chi Minh City!

Also, Aaron Kwok (Is he the Hong Kong Artist?) will be joining CA on the 23rd of this month. CA welcomes both our new Intern.

Last Word

It is not what you did, but what you do about it!