CA’s Pioneering History: 3-Months Success of CA’s Pilot Online Information Sharing Platform – the One and Only Hi5er Club!

Hi5er Club

CA Hi5er Club Pilot Online Information Sharing Platform was a great success! We sincerely thank all Hi5er Club supporters for making this possible. Over 80% of users who registered their interest in the program went on to become active participants in Hi5er Club. Hi5er Club definitely received a great deal of interest from users from across the region, with people from 15 different countries accessing the Hi5er Club website. These visitors include people from as far a field as the UAE, Luxembourg and Australia.

The initial topic of the Hi5er Club was chosen to discuss possible solutions to problems arising from resolving conflict between defaulting tenants, with a Malaysian Landlord Association proposed as a possible solution. Based upon the helpful feedbacks we have received on the site, the Hi5er Club prepared a report suggesting how a Malaysian Landlord Association could function. This will coincide with media coverage in ‘The Edge as the follow up for the Forum organised earlier this year.

CA Hi5er Club – Launching of the New Theme for the 2nd Quarter: Personal Wealth Protection!!!

We proudly share with you our latest theme for the 2nd Quarter since the successful inception of Hi5er Club’s 3 month’s trial – “Personal Wealth Protection”. Wealth protection is more important than ever to get under your belt given these insecure financial times.

Personal wealth protection is the protection of your assets and it includes will writing, setting up of trust instruments, tax planning and insurance amongst others. We shall address these topics, and many more this quarter so as to give in-depth coverage to a number of pertinent wealth issues.

If you would like to know more about Hi5er Club, one of the most innovative and successful information sharing programs in Malaysia, please feel free to send us any queries or suggestion!

Remember to tune in for more interesting information sharing on the launch of this new segment!

CAlling for Real Estate Negotiators! – Seminar on “Executing a Water-Tight Transaction”

A joint effort from CA and STADEC Seminars Sdn Bhd decided to organise a seminar especially for real estate negotiators this Sunday.

Finding a buyer or tenant in this market for whatever property you are marketing is never easy. The last thing a negotiator would want after working so hard is to allow a deal to go bad just because he or she did not tie-up or document the offer well. It is often that a badly worded letter of offer causes nightmares to Principals who will have to pick-up the problems caused by their negotiators.

Details of the Seminar are as follows:

  • Date : Sunday, 9 August 2009
  • Time : 2:00pm – 5:30pm
  • Venue : Stadec Gallery, Segambut, KL

Attendance is limited to only 80 pax and therefore registration is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The fee chargeable is a mere RM45.00 with a 10% discount for 3 pax or more from 1 firm. This is a charitable endeavour with all profits made being use to mend the houses of the needy &/or charitable homes. Act today for the betterment of your negotiators and your agency.

Call 016-3988229 or 017-8881593 to get your Registration Forms!!!

For more information, please click here!

CA in the News

CA Recruitment

CA Interns – Christian Wendler, our very 1st German intern through AIESEC Malaysia who will be joining CA Internship Programme starting mid August 2009 for 2 months, followed by Alyce Corbutt, our 3rd batch intern from Bond University, Australia will be starting her internship with CA on 24 August 2009,

CA Graduate – My Padawans, Calvin and Josephine shall be a full-fledge lawyer in August. Calvin shall be the latest addition to CA’s lawyers mainly in the litigation department, whereas Josephine will be bidding farewell to CA moving on as a spectacular graduate from CA. Cheng Leong, an outstanding CA Graduate who has been with us since September 2008. He shall be leaving for the London, UK in September 2009 to pursue his Bar Vocational Course on his journey to becoming a lawyer.

Retuning CAtizen – Ryan is back from his year off from the Certificate of Legal Practice. If everything goes well, he will be my 3rd Padawan this October.

Promoting CAtizen – Yati, our affable CA frontline has been promoted to assist in the litigation and conveyancing practice of the firm.

New CAtizen – Shiqin with the experience in frontline retailing shall be the latest addition to CA taking over Yati in manning CA’s gateway.

Last Word

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