History begins… The EDGE Investment Forum on REAL ESTATE 2009

4 April 2009, being one of the 3 speakers of the forum and the 1st Lawyer to be invited for this distinguished forum since its inception, I proudly addressed the 600s strong crowd at this real estate forum organized by The Edge at the Sime Darby Convention Centre, exclusively for the Edge readers. Judging from the long waiting list, this could easily be a sell-out event of 1,500s if the venue permits. Well done, the Edge – Foong Yee and the team at City & Country!

Marveling the theme of “Nightmares of a Landlord” in a Hollywood style (literally), I lauded the idea of having a Landlords Association. Elaborating on how an association would give landlords the opportunity to share information and set up a tenant database which would help in the tenant screening process, as well as lobbying for better regulations to make property investment even more attractive, we put ourselves forward in the form of “Hi5er Club”.

History is written … Introducing the FIRST in the World Hi5er Club…

CA Hi5er Club

Hi5er Club would serves as a platform to kick-start the formation of a landlord association. This exclusive invitation to the Hi5er Club received an overwhelming response from the participants of the Forum, as evidenced by how the CA crews were kept busy throughout the entire tea break.

Thanks to the backbreaking effort of the entire team, the Hi5er Club now has over 250 invitees, who will soon become part of history by participating in the first ever info-sharing community hosted by a law firm!

Do get a copy of the THE EDGE Malaysia Weekly of 13 April 2009 to read on the full cover of this eminent event or you may click here alternatively.

As action speaks louder than words, there will be an exciting trial launch of CA’s Hi5er Club, an information sharing community hosted by a law firm, (absolutely the first of its kind in the world!) to host a 3 months’ trial run of a Landlord Association starting from 8 April 2009 till 15 July 2009.

There shall be an array of landlord tools, sample agreements, videos, audio presentations and articles. The club enthusiastically welcomes any contribution in the form of comments, questions, or even the sharing of your own best practices!

CA Hi5er Club celebrates the continued support that CA has enjoyed throughout the years, and will be built upon the participation of high-fliers and achievers such as yourselves.

Building Doctors for Hire!

We are proud to share with you the services by the Architect Centre Sdn Bhd (ACSB), being Malaysia’s leading Property Inspection Service Provider, a subsidiary of Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) providing all the essential and useful services and information on Property Inspection, Building and Advisory Services and Seminars & Skills Training.

The ACSB award a Blue Ribbon Certification status which serves to testify that no serious defects are present in the properties and vendors receiving a certificate can display it on all sales literature and signage. This Blue Ribbon status adds value to their property and gain buyers’ confidence. Certainly a positive way forward!

Click here for more information on ACSB.

CA in the News

Click here to listen to this interesting interview by THE EDGE MALAYSIA on 16 March 2009, prior to their distinguished Investment Forum on Real Estate 2009.

I was also featured in THE EDGE City & Country Pullout Page 2 on “How Landlords can resolve Tenant Problems”.

Click here to read on more on my humble view of this interesting issue typically for Landlords and potential Landlords.

A Magazine a Chinese magazine has featured me in their Volume 8, April 2009 issue on the tips and traps of buying a property with proper guidelines.

Click here to read the Chinese version for more information of my sharing of thoughts.

CA Recruitment

Ee Zheng, our lawyer is currently on her break to prepare her LLM examination at University Malaya. She will (and she must) return as a Master to serve you in June again.

CA Interns – Our 2nd batch of Interns from Bond University, Australia will be joining CA end of April untill mid May. Mark Wires is already landed in CA while Marian Pond is scheduled in by next week; and we will be welcoming both of them with our usual fun learning experience at CA.

Google “Mark Wires” you will find the first one on the list is now an intern in CA; he was a professional ice hockey player! Let us know if you are interested for an autograph for this fine sportsman! Will tell you more about Marian in our next entry!

Last Word

Celebrate all successes, big or small!

Deposit this positive energy in your memory bank; you need every bit of this energy to take you through the drowning naysayers’ prophecy of economic dooms days.

CA is feeling AWESOME already and can only emerge stronger than ever!