That’s a new restaurant in town …

… and let us present to you its extraordinary Menu. In addition from the usual suspects in the “Entry” to the pleasant surprises in the sweet Dessert section, we cater also to personalisation for your exquisite taste. As us for your exclusive copy of this special menu when you see us next, the physical version is simply elegant. We applaud and cherish our Dutch Intern, Marjolein Tepper for her efforts and endeavour for the making of this special menu for everyone to indulge and relish in.



Doing Business in Malaysia

A brief “Doing Business in Malaysia” encompassing all the essential and useful information is now available in CA Web and you can download the same by clicking here. We welcome your comments to improve this information.

CA in the News

I was the subject matter of an interview by BFM 89.9FM Interview, Enterprise Segment – “Open for Business” in December 2008.

Click here to listen to this interesting segment interview. This is a humble sharing of how it all started in CA and our journey so far.

CA Recruitment

CA Interns – Our very first “Dutch Lady” Marjolein Tepper, the 20 years old student of Real Estate from the north of Holland just returned to her homeland on 20 February 2009 and completed her 3 months’ internship at CA successfully. Indeed, she had a fruitful learning experience here in CA and a wonderful time in Malaysia (also the week in Phuket where she was “toasted” and “toned” to resemble a common Malaysian).

We are now looking forward to two new interns from Bond University, Australia joining CA this coming April.

Last Word

Stop feeling sorry for what’s happening and treasure the “Now” that you can do something about. Here’s a reminder, there is no such thing as the “world economy” but there is a real “my economy”.

Now, let’s do something about it!