The Moscow Destiny – One for the Ginger Spice!

1-0 the score; Paul Scholes the scorer! Most deservingly, he is going to play in the Champions League Final in Moscow. He has done the lots for the Club and given everything for the team to reach the final in Nou Camp in 1999; although he was suspended from the dramatic final triumph over Bayern Munich then. Let’s do it for Paul! Bring on Liverpool (we have done our part, it’s your turn now, Kops!)! That would be a dream final!

Still remember clearly that I was watching the 99 final at a B&B in Canberra along with two absolute strangers from Watford and Copenhagen. We were waking everyone up in the early hour after that goal by Ole in the most powerful language in the world – FOOTBALL!

The spirit of Canberra shall be re-lived! GGMU!


After Vietnam, this is probably the next upcoming country in the region. Catching the maturing Vietnamese market, Phnom Penh particularly presents a great investment destination especially real estate.

The entrenched political stability expected after the July’s election should open up the doors for continued economic progress in double digit GDP growth.

I was there two weeks ago and can easily felt the excitement quite like the one I had a few years ago when I first visited Ho Chi Minh City. Met some lawyers to explore strategic partnership, stay tuned for more updates on this!

Done some ground work on legal and investment environment in Cambodia; just ask if you are interested to know more.

CA Recruitment

Our hunt for legal pupils (aka “Chambees”) has now started. We are conducting interviews now and hopefully we should have two of them in by June or July.

New CA Crews – We would like to welcome in May, Teng Teng to add weight to our banking and securities practice and the returning Nadia to help us in our corporate advisory team. YES, CA is going to have 6 lawyers in total soon, half way to a dozen! Thank you for your support. Because of you, we grow!

CA Interns – Claudia and Joey from Toronto have both started with us, they should leave CA as our Ambassadors. You shall see their pictures soon in both our CA Web and our FaceBook page. We are also looking forward to Tuck from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) for his 3 weeks stint with us by the end of May. Meanwhile, we are also expecting an intern from Vietnam for 3 months by the end of the year, more news on this to follow…

CA in the News

Business & Financial: We should be featured in the May edition on how our office design compliments the unique CA Culture. This should be interesting.

CA Happening

We are going to Telok Gong for some exotic seafood this Friday evening to celebrate birthdays for some of our CA Crews and orientation for our new CA Crews and our CA Interns from overseas.

Last Word

I have done an interesting journal on the power of “NOW” and would like to hear from you on the subject matter.

Please check out my latest Management Journal for April 2008 and join me in my declaration of 20 April as the world “NOW Day”! Happy reading!