YES, we are in the second half of 2007 right now. Less than six (6) months to complete what you have set to achieve in 2007, do it now!

First of all, we would like to introduce the latest addition to the CA Family, Nadia. She is fresh from being called to the Bar and has selected CA as its launching pad for her legal career. You shall soon see her name on our letterhead to serve you in true CA colour of “We Deliver”. You can read all about her in our CA Web.

Good News: We are finalising with our associates in Colombo, you should soon see CA Colombo under the CA regional network that serve you the best Ceylonese tea. My exploratory trip recently to Sri Lanka has been interesting and the fact that Malaysia is the biggest investor there should see some exciting transactions facilitated under this strategic partnership. Watch this space!

IDR Watch: Our presentation in Singapore is well-received as there are a lot of interests to ensure the success of this pioneer special economic zone. The current legal structure for the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) is the best possible platform under our constitutional framework and the recent formation of the Joint Ministerial Committee with Singapore shall ensure that the IDR is properly nurtured for a common win-win. We shall keep you updated on the Incentives and Supports Program (ISP) that is scheduled to be announced in this Third Quarter. Feel free to down load our presentation on the IDR and we welcome your comment.

Calendar: I’ll be involved in holding a few foreign delegations for SME International in mid July. May need to attend a FIABCI function in Bandung, Indonesia to present a paper and definitely be at Johor Bahru on 28 July 2007 for a presentation in the FIABCI Smart Investment in Property Seminar.

Lastly, for Josephine and Chye En who are both sitting for the first CLP paper on 16 July 2007, CA believe in you and please do us proud! Our thoughts are with you.

Look forward to the better half of 2007!