“One always gives up, when closest to success!”

There cannot be more true to this, the power of persistence and the endurance of sheer determination! If you are a Gump fan, you should keep eating chocolate – “… you will never know what you get…”

The last two months have been most challenging for me and CA; the influx of work after the festive season of February also coincides with our own human resources rationalization along with a series of traveling and events that I am involved in. CA backroom was experiencing premature departures, late arrivals and new touch-downs, for the good of everyone. And now, we are again looking for new crew to come on board to religiously serve our expanding frequent flyers in each and everyone of you.

It was during this period that I found myself to be too “busy” for this “Delivery Otherwise” monthly rendezvous with you. I even questioned whether anyone actually read this.

As I was pondering in between my hectic schedule, I met some of you. For some strange reasons, you have never felt this close to CA and you have confessed that you actually look forward to this monthly do from us. You found it useful and enjoy our sharing. The warmth of your words and the sparkles in your eyes have spurred us up to this romantic conclusion – that we shall never give up doing this for as long as you are still reading it, even for only one of you. THANK YOU!

For that, I must apologise for not being diligent in April 2007. Although we are far away from success, there is no reason to give up.

Good News!

  1. Effective 1 June 2007, Leon is now a partner of CA. It’s been long overdue, thank you for finally committing to the CA Mission and be our commander that lead us to greatness.
  2. Jing Yee is our latest recruit having called to the Bar in May 2007. Welcome on board, Eagle!
  3. Haslila also joined our CA Revolution this month, adding her strengths in our “experience” department.
  4. CA is sending Josephine and Chye En off for the next six (6) weeks into the CLP war zone. May the force of CA be with you; may you return as my first two (2) pupils in chamber, and gladly so!
  5. And yes, you heard me right! I am now a “Master” that can take pupils under my wings; I have completed my seven (7) years of practice as a lawyer.

Watch this space for more Good News! Because of your support, CA is worth it!

We have been invited to present on Iskandar Development Region later this month at a CEO Briefing in Singapore. Hope to report more on this in our next issue.